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Caruso Leadership's goal is to effectively help other people achieve their goals and enjoy the process. They learned 25 years ago that businesses operate as a collective mindset. When we understand how the individual mind works, we can take the same principles that link meaning, behavior, and outcome in an individual mind and apply them to the collective mind of the organization




Caruso Leadership was in need of a brand identity update to give them a more modern look and establish an online presence as well as a members-only community for those who want to learn from Joe Caruso. Eden Creative Group outfitted the CLI with physical and digital collateral and templates as well as a strategy for them to put it all to use.

Included in the Brand Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Business Cards

  • Stationary

  • Website Re-Design

  • Membership Creation

  • Newsletter Templates

  • Social Media Templates

  • Social Content Pillars

  • Core Messaging Update

  • Mission & Vision Statements

  • Powerpoint Template

  • Sizzle Reel


Brand Guidelines

In addition to logos, a brand identity can include color schemes, font packages, imagery, vector design assets, iconography, and more. Caruso Leadership received the full package and left with guidelines to lean on as they move toward brand equity.

Caruso Brand Guide.png
Branding Collateral.png

Branded Collateral

Aside from business cards, it's a rare and welcome occurrence when clients ask for branded stationaries and note cards. It provides an opportunity to explore the power of imagery and the feelings it can evoke.


Mountains can induce feelings of ambition and success and illustrate overcoming obstacles. Photos of smiling children or families can summon feelings of happiness and nostalgia, however, for certain audiences that imagery can bring forth painful memories. This is why knowing your target audience is so important for your business's success.

website render.png


Website Overhaul

All of the updated branding and messaging was consolidated into a sleek new website that more concisely communicated who Caruso Leadership is and what they have to offer. 


The Caruos Community

In addition to updating the website, Eden Creative Group also created a web-based membership area for those that wish to have access to Joe Caruso's wealth of knowledge, but aren't able to hire him for his consulting and services. 

Members get access to Success Strategies, Masterclasses, and the entire Caruso Community membership directory to connect with. 

Success Strategies

When one joins the Caruso Community, they get access to a continuously growing catalog of Success Strategies. Produced by Eden Creative Group, these videos are a quick way to learn about topics that affect everyone from all fields of work on a regular basis. The goal is to break down barriers, expand the mind, and shift your perspective in order to help your problem solve and optimize your life.


Sizzle Reel

One of our favorite things to do at Eden Creative group is to produce video content, after all, storytelling is our passion! It was a pleasure to work closely with Caruso Leadership to provide a vessel for Joe to share his compassion for others and knowledge with the world. 

A sizzle reel is one of the most efficient ways to communicate what you do, how, and why you do it. It not only communicates your services to your audience but also your story, your personality, the things that separate you from the competition. The world is a big place! One of the biggest things that separate you from other similar businesses is YOU and your story.


Villa Ivana Render.jpeg


The best part of curating your brand is transforming things that everyone does into something that is exclusive to you. For example, Caruso Leadership will host retreats for those who want a more intimate learning experience with Joe. However, part of the Caruso brand is the sentiment of always learning and moving forward, never retreating. Therefore we branded the exclusive trip as a "Forward".

Forward (noun): An exclusive gathering of elite individuals in an environment that is conducive to learning and growth

Eden Creative Group designed the landing page and brochure for the first annual Forward at Villa Ivana in Italy. The brochure culminated months of planning for the event and consolidating a week-long experience into easily digestible information for those considering signing up.


Marketing Templates

A key component to elevating your online presence and expanding your reach is connecting with the top of your funnel...aka... social media users. We worked with Caruso Leadership to create a marketing thematic, target audience personas, social media templates, and a paid media strategy. From there, we narrowed the funnel and curated an email list that fed nicely into the customer cycle.

Diversifying content is key when you have a product you're selling. Caruso Leadership's social media goals were to first spread knowledge and communicate Joe's passion for helping others, and second to sell products and services without commodifying them. Establishing success factors and target audience helped us to craft aesthetically pleasing and engaging content.

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