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Trilla Nails is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based nail studio owned and operated by artist Gabbie Harris-Leeper. Playfully, she creates vibrant concepts that connect with other beauty enthusiasts and brands to celebrate real emotions and social identities that make us truly who we are - and that’s trill AF!




As Gabbie grew her business, she decided that she didn't just want to be your friendly neighborhood nail tech. Eden Creative Group rebranded Trilla Nails to be an industry breakout in creative artistry and thought leadership.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity

  • Logo Creation

  • Influencer & Partnership Management

  • Video Production & Editing

  • Design Guideline Creation

  • Core Messaging Development


Branding & Design Guidelines

Instead of limiting social posts to photos of client work, we developed brand guidelines and a content strategy that would represent the bright, no-nonsense personality of Trilla Nails's creator, Gabbie. Modern, eye-catching, and straightforward is where we landed. 



Marketing & Social Media

It's critical for any brand to establish their core messaging and marketing thematic based on two factors: how they want their brand to be perceived and what their target audience is. Trilla Nails wanted to not only leverage their immense creative talent to provide design inspiration to others, but also advocate for social causes, clean products, healthy nail care, and the ethical treatment of artists.

Video Content Production

Video content is king in this day and age. It was important that we created beautiful and engaging content that educates and inspires the Trilla Nails audience.

pantone partnership-05-05.png


Thought Leadership

Strategically developing core messaging a thematics in the manner we have has positioned Gabbie to be an industry thought leader, allowing her to foster partnerships with OPI, Pantone, New York Fashion Week, and more.

Sharing educational content also presented an opportunity for Trilla Nails to start hosting and taking part in masterclasses across the country.

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