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Established in Detroit to bring diverse talent nationwide to the Hospitality Industry, and excellence to workforce development.

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Fierce Staffing Services needed and update that represents how fiercely they support the community and their clients. After completing a brand update, ECG got their social media off the ground over the next several months through the brand strategy that was laid out in their Brand Workshop they completed with Eden Creative Group.

Services Provided

  • Brand & Website Design

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Content Creation


Branding &
Web Design

The Fierce brand needed to be one that was modern and communicated well in this new gig economy. The staffing agency's website, concise and clear, also leads to a job board where current and prospective staff members can apply for upcoming evens an other placements. 

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Marketing &
Content Creation

Every business needs a digital presence. Building a strong history of steady social media is one of the best ways to legitimize your brand. With Fierce Staffing, it was particularly important to communicate with the demographics that are most engaged in the gig economy. In addition to organic reach, advertisements were heavily utilized to communicate the need for staffing events. Eden Creative Group was present at events to support staff as well a capture content to build a library that can continue to be utilized in the future for marketing purposes. 

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