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The Rivertown Detroit Association is made up of business owners, residents and interested individuals who are focused on making Rivertown Detroit better for all. It is a non-profit dedicated to uplifting those who, play, and live near the best riverwalk in America.




While Rivertown Detroit Association has been holding monthly meetings and advocating for those in the neighborhood for decades, the non-profit hadn't updated their brand since the mid 2000's! It was a pleasure to work with them to create a brand and corresponding website that would benefit them as much as they benefit the Rivertown neighborhood.

Services Provided

  • Logo & Brand Design

  • Website Design

  • Brand Strategy


Logo & Brand Design

The process of creating a brand allows us to dive deep into how we want the brand to make others feel, what the colors, the lines, the layouts convey, the story that it tells others.


With the client's input, we landed on a logo design centered around line work. The line work within the logo thoughtfully connects each of the iconic landmarks along the water in the Rivertown neighborhood, further connecting the people, businesses, and other places in between.

Logo design at ECG includes three iterations and design files are formatted for different uses and handed over to the client along with a brand book that details the ways the logo should be utilized, the color scheme applied, the typography laid out, and more. To the right is a small example of what our design process looks like and how we build brands.




Web Design

The Rivertown Detroit Association needed a website that communicated how they support the neighborhood and those in it by displaying upcoming community events, allowing users to purchase tickets to those event,  accepting donations that fund the non-profit work they do, and uplifting the businesses in its beautiful community. 

Our biggest achievement on this site was creating the Maps & Attractions page, which contains a business directory and corresponding interactive map of the neighborhood that is integrated with Google Maps.

With our small business clients in mind, ECG generally creates websites on intuitive, drag and drop editing sites like Wix. This allows us to hand off the site to the client so they can make updates themselves to events and such after we give them a quick tutorial on its features. We are of course available for any updates and changes needed in the future as well.

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