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A community arts project using live theatre and digital media to amplify the stories of young Detroiters who have experienced homelessness or housing insecurity.

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Sofa Stories Detroit was in need of media placement and partnership management for their Summer 2021 Performance Series. Eden Creative Group held a brand workshop to further develop the brand identity for this new and growing organization. 

Services Provided

  • Media Placement

  • Brand Workshop

  • Social Media Thematics

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Partner Management

  • Core Messaging Development


Brand Workshop

Often times cause-based organizations, want to achieve so much good that they have a hard time focusing their core messaging points. When this happens, we like to put a pause on developing messaging to identify who their target audiences are and discuss the things that would motivate them to engage in their cause. More times than not this practice can take a deep dive into creating detailed buyer personas, then work from there to craft thematic and onward.


Sofa Stories left the workshop with a brand book that they can lean on as a guide as their organization grows.

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Marketing & Social Media

A great thing about creating buyer personas and furthermore marketing thematics is that when you're ready to dive into your social media strategy, you have a road map to follow. When organizations are cause-based your audience can cover a broad spectrum of people from donors, to grant partners, to volunteers, to people who are affected by whatever cause you represent. The communications tactics can further vary depending on the time of year, the type of events being held, partnership obligations, the needs of the organization, and more. The marketing road maps that was crafted for Sofa Stories empowered them to communicate with intent as they grow their following and their organization.

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Partnership Management

Here at Eden Creative Group, we're not only storytellers, we're connectors. We take pride in being able to connect great non-profit, cause-based, and other organizations with each other to support the City of Detroit's "comeback" it is experiencing right now. Fostering partnerships is one of the fastest ways to get more eyes on your business and more hearts aligned with your cause.

A great example of this is Sofa Story Detroit's partnership with Detroit Phoenix Center. Not only did proceeds go to the non-profit, but the youth the DPC serves were included in the process of crafting the story performances and the Zines that were handed out at performances to enhance viewers' experience as well as inform them on the shared cause that Sofa Stories and DPC share. 


Media Placement

Leveraging the Brand Kit that we curated along with targeted messaging, Sofa Stories was featured in several media outlets local, niche, and national.

Select the images to view the articles.

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